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Zombicide: Invader: Deck Holders Set

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The zombicide invader deck holders set includes four deck holders Made out of durable plastic, separated into two different colors. The construction of the deck holders allows them to hold either 190 unsleeved cards, or up to 105 sleeved cards. Standing at 6cm tall, they're easy to draw from and will keep your cards Sequestered during the game. The set is enough to hold both your draw and discard piles for both your equipment and Xeno decks

  • Sleeved or unsleeved - the brackets on the deck holders can be adjusted to fit either sleeved or unsleeved cards, No matter how players keep their cards.
  • Two decks held firm - with four deck holders in the set, players can keep both their draw and discard piles for their equipment and xenos decks safe
  • Durable plastic - the deck holders are constructed out of durable plastic, able to withstand a lifetime of play