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X-Wing 2nd Ed: Scum and Villainy Damage Deck

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With these X-Wing Damage Decks, you can personalize the look of your squadron by replacing this deck with one that matches the colors of your chosen faction. Each deck contains a complete set of thirty-three illustrated damage cards that correspond to those in the standard damage deck. While the text of these cards might match, their graphic design makes it clear that your squadron belongs to a particular faction. In addition, the cards themselves clearly pinpoint the damaged portion of your ship in Aurebesh on a diagnostic display of one of your faction’s starfighters.

  • Seven damage decks for Star Wars : X-Wing, each corresponding to a different faction.
  • Each damage deck offers stunning, faction-oriented graphic design, and pinpoints the damaged portion of your ship.
  • The cards in these damage decks feature the LCG size, rather than the Mini American Board Game size.