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Undo: Forbidden Knowledge

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Time heals all wounds, they say, but the sudden death of a loved one sometimes shakes those who are left behind so much that their faith wavers. To prevent this, the gods send fate weavers to change the past and prevent death. In the game series UNDO, players slip into the role of these destiny weavers and do everything in their power to undo sudden deaths — whether murder or suicide. Not only do they travel minutes or hours back in time, but sometimes thousands of years to change events that have laid the foundation for the later stroke of fate. Sometimes a leap into the future can also provide important information. The UNDO series combines the theme of time travel with emotional, extraordinary stories that players must assemble piece by piece. Each time jump gives them another choice in how they can change the past — and not every change is a turn for the better! UNDO: Forbidden Knowledge places you in a cemetery in the swamp, July 1923: A man is his twenties is standing next to an open crypt, a horrified expression on his face. Next to him are a backpack, a spade, and a portable telephone, the wire of which leads down the stairs into the darkness. "Get out! Push back the grave slab and RUN! " cries a panicked voice through the receiver. "I can't leave you, Harley, " the man answers in a trembling voice, "Harley, can you hear me?" A crackling noise from the receiver makes him pause — then a hollow, gelatinous, disembodied voice echoes through the receiver: "YOU FOOL, HARLEY IS DEAD. " The man begins laughing hysterically. To protect his sanity, his heart stops, and he drops dead. . .

  • Co-op narrative/mystery game
  • Re-playability optional rule available.
  • Play time: 45-90 minutes