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Treasure Hunters Expansion

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The Treasure Hunters Expansions pack includes THREE expansions that can be included (separately or together) in any game of Scuttle! or Ninjitsu! Masters of Magic: An ancient grimoire has been uncovered, unleashing the secrets of elemental magic! These 15 cards add a unique twist to the game. Give yourself the power of Flight, Alchemy, Healing, and more! The magical tome's abilities will leave your opponents stunned as you duplicate your cards, transmute treasures, and invisibly steal their cards. The Elements: These five double-sided player powers add a twist to every game! Each player chooses one side of the card to be their unique ability, useable throughout the game. Harness the power of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, or Heart to get an advantage over your enemies! Heavy Weather: Shuffle the event cards into the deck, and reveal a new Weather card each time one reaches the top! Sunny days let everyone draw new cards; fog makes it hard to see what you're playing; drought starves everyone of cards. . .

  • These three modular expansions will totally change up your treasure-hunting game!
  • Dozens of gorgeous, hand-painted watercolor illustrations
  • New cards, new abilities, new ways to play the popular Treasure Hunters games you love!
  • Add a touch of magic to the world of ninjas and pirates
  • Powerful abilities add a challenge for experienced gamers, or can be used to level the playing field when teaching new/younger players the game