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Tiny Games for Home

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Designed to give the maximum amount of fun for the minimum amount of rule-reading, Tiny Games for Home will let you find the perfect game for whatever situation you're in. All you need is this book, and the stuff that's around you. (Friends optional)

There are games to play with spoons and sofas and TVs and turnips and books and bottles. Games about words, games about celebrities, games about the things and the people and the places in your life. Games for TV commercial breaks, games for toast, and games for lying in bed. Whether you're feeling creative or competitive, silly or energetic, we've got you covered.

Games include:

Cucumber Racing

A game of facial dexterity for 2 or more players.
Do you have a cucumber?

In this game, you put a slice of cucumber on your forehead. Then, using only your face, you race to wriggle it into your waiting mouth....
You're going to need at least one thin slice of cucumber for every player. Cut them and put them on a plate, in between all the players. In a moment, you're all going to take your turn at racing. On your turn, put the cucumber ON YOUR FOREHEAD. Using only your facial muscles, you need to move it into your mouth. If you drop it, start again - with a new slice if you like. The player who is fastest wins.

Fluffier than a Teacup

A 2 player game of competitive describing.

To start off with, think about a teacup. Always start with a teacup. Now both of you secretly come up with a comparative adjective, like "fluffier" or "more pointy". Once you both have one, count up to three in unison, and call out your adjectives! Think of something that is BOTH OF THEM compared to a teacup! For example, for "bigger" and "fluffier" - cat? Teddy-bear? Woolly mammoth? The quickest response wins, and if you both shout something, the one which most fulfils the adjectives gets a point, e.g. woolly mammoth beats teddy. Now do it again, but this time, use the new thing you thought of (the cat, mammoth, whatever) as the starting object, and two new adjectives. Keep going till one of you gets eight points, or you get bored.

Spoons on your Elbows

A game about balancing spoons on your elbows for any number of players.
You'll need to have some teaspoons, unsurprisingly.

This is a game about balancing spoons on your elbows. Both of them. Without help. We promise it's possible.
Given each player two teaspoons. First they must master balancing a teaspoon on their elbow. Right on the point, the most precarious bit. Once they've got it, they can take it off. The final test is to balance a teaspoon on EACH elbow, without help. We promise it's possible.