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The Lady and The Tiger

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The Lady and the Tiger is a microgame collection; 5 unique games on eighteen beautifully-illustrated cards. This game is perfect for couples, families, ladies, tigers, and anyone looking for a rich experience in an easily-portable box. With stunning art by ex-Disney illustrator Tania Walker, The Lady and the Tiger features: 459196 Jellybean Games 556301JBG Ninjitsu! Ninjitsu 076625459196 14. 95 5. 68 24 6. 2 4. 3 1. 8 7. 2 8 China 08/22/18 7. 2 2 to 5 Ninjitsu! is a fast-playing card game for 2-5 sneaky ninjas, suitable for players of all ages. A stand-alone sequel to the hit pirate game Scuttle! , this game of devious bluffing and sabotage will keep the whole family entertained for hours. In Ninjitsu! , players scheme to be the first to reach 21 points. Each turn either play a card or draw 2 cards; cards can either be played as treasure or as an action. Ninjitsu! introduces secrets: treasure cards that are played face-down. Steal secrets from your opponents at any time, but watch out for traps! Includes a free 13-card expansion, Sabotage. Quick and endlessly replayable! No two games are the same, as you outbluff and outwit your opponents. Watch out for traps! Shuffle it together with Scuttle! for pirate-ninja fun and shenanigans. ~Dozens of gorgeous, hand-painted watercolor illustrations~Fun for the whole family! Nothing beats the thrill of tricking a parent into stealing your explosive trap and making them discard their hand. ~Slap this down in front of your kids, and watch them teach themselves in one minute. Simultaneously simple, devious, and rich in strategy. . . a great game for anyone of any age. - Geekdad~Ninjitsu! is simple, to the point, fast, and fun. . . expect this game to surprise you with its stealthy entertainment. "" - FatherGeek"

  • The Lady and the Tiger is a micro-game collection. Five unique games in eighteen beautifully-illustrated cards.
  • Doors: A 2 player deduction game, Favor: A 2-4 player bidding game, Hoard: A solo puzzle game, Labyrinth: A 2 player maze game, Traps: A 2-6 player bluffing game.
  • 1-6 players
  • Ages 8+
  • 20 minute play time