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Super Dungeon Explore: Kunoichi Candy

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Throughout Crystalia, secretive ninja clans make their home in the remote corners of the realms. That a Hero as renowned as Candy was allowed to train in their shadowy arts is due only to her intrepid companion Cola, whose people have long been revered by the clans. This Box Contains:, 1x Kunoichi Candy Assembled Model, 1x Ninja Cola Assembled Model, 2x Kunoichi Candy Mini-Boss Cards, 2x Ninja Cola Mini-Boss Cards, 1x Kunoichi Candy Hero Card, 1x Ninja Cola Hero Card, 1x Sweet Kimono Treasure Card, 1x The Whirling Doom Treasure Card.

  • An expansion hero for Super Dungeon Explore
  • Model materials: Plastic
  • Ages 13 and up
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