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Stronghold Games Encore!

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Encore!, by famed game designers ink a & Markus brand, is the biggest selling "roll-and-write" Game in Germany, having sales that far exceed Ganz Schon clever ("that's pretty clever!"), and other roll-and-writes that gamers may know more about - but Encore! Is actually more popular. Encore! Will sell very well to those who love the new roll-and-write game genre. In Encore!, one player throws all 6 dice, picks 2 of them, and marks the result on their personal player sheet. The other players each choose any 2 of the remaining 4 dice from the same roll, and mark the result on their player sheet. The dice determine which color and how many spaces can be marked off, but the starting player will evaluate what everyone's doing, and then select the two most advantageous dice, leaving everyone else to make their choices with the dice that remain. The choices grow as the players spread out their marks on their sheets, but points are only scored for complete columns. Encore! Is an ingenious game that is highly addictive! Everyone plays at the same time, nobody has to wait long, and when it's over, everyone will want an "Encore!" The game plays differently each time. Encore! Works great for 2 players as well, and has a variant for 1 player.

  • Very simple to teach, great fast game to demo at stores!
  • This is a "roll-and-write" Game, which is the hottest game mechanic in the industry!
  • This is a great way to introduce people to the concept of "roll-and-write" Games, as it is much simplier to play and do well as compared to some.
  • Will be an auto-buy for those who already own and love Games such as "that's pretty clever!" (Ganz schon clever)"
  • Quick, simple, and fun with high replayability as it plays differently every time.
  • material type: Paper