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Stronghold Games Brikks Board Game

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Immerse yourself in the world of retrogamer consoles by "dropping" Brikks blocks onto your game sheet! A dice roll decides which block the players must place. The block “falls” on the field from top to bottom. Players can move the blocks to the left or the right, and rotate blocks by spending energy points. If you cover a circle on the grid that's the same color as the block just placed there, you earn two energy points for later. You score 1-5 points for each row completed, with double and triple points for the higher rows in your grid. Most points wins in brikks! If you liked that's pretty clever (Ganz schön clever) and twice as clever (doppelt so clever), then brikks presents a new challenge with a familiar retro-theme!

  • Designed by award-winning designer Wolfgang warsch (“the mind”, “the quacks of quedlinburg”, “Ganz schön clever”)
  • 1-4 players
  • 30 minutes average playtime