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Stronghold Games 8040SG Farben

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Love is...Green? In farben, every color tells a story. Associate a color with a word, then tell a story of why you connect those two. Each round, you associate one of your twelve color cards with a word card and start telling a story. After ten words and colors have been played, the scoring phase begins. Another player selects one of the visible words for you, and your task is to recall all of the colors played by the other players and yourself without looking. You earn points for correctly naming these colors. While this sounds difficult at first, through the stories The colors Become easier to remember. Farben is a Vivid storytelling game, which is completely unique to game design. Farben brings people together over the stories that they tell each other during the game!

  • An ice-breaking game for friends and acquaintances to learn more about each other
  • Players open up and tell stories of themselves and their lives
  • Vivid, colorful storytelling game from a personal perspective
  • A game that is so unique that it sets a new gaming genre in place
  • A great small-group party game