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Stone Age: The Expansion

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Product Description

Stone Age: The Expansion

It took many tedious suns and moons to build your humble village. You toiled endlessly to protect and feed your young. You gathered raw materials to build huts to shelter your families. But times are changing. The people are stringing the teeth of animals into necklaces and crafting rings, bracelets and combs. In Stone Age: The Expansion, humanity develops even further from its humble beginnings as this expansion introduces both components for a fifth player to join the fun and an important new resource: jewelry! With these precious baubles, you can acquire more resources or to trade them to get new buildings for your village. Now that the age of style has arrived, its time to build a village worth talking about!

Set Contains:

1 Game Board
1 Player Board
15 Wooden Jewelry
15 Building Tiles
9 Civilization Cards
All the components for a fifth player

  • 2-5 Players
  • 75 minute playing time
  • A great strategy game