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Spot It! Waterproof

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Make a splash with spot it! Waterproof! Like the other spot it! Games, waterproof will come with a variety of unique pool and beach themed symbols for you to identify and match from card to card. The best part about spot it! Waterproof? Is that it actually is waterproof! Complete with an easy to carry mesh bag & laminated cards, This version of spot it! Will surely be a hit at your next pool party or beach outing. With quick, engaging gameplay and multiple variants to play, spot it! Waterproof makes for quick fun for the whole family.

  • A new pool and beach themed family game
  • Up to eight players can play at a time
  • 55 unique cards with a multitude of symbols to look for
  • Multiple mini-game allow for endless playability
  • Incredibly easy to learn and quick to teach