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Source Point Press Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion

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The City of Gloomhaven can be a tough place to make it as an adventurer and being in the right party is key to survival. The Jaws of the Lion are the top of the mountain in the hierarchy of the city, but their latest job goes sideways, and Anaphi, the mindthief, is to blame! The first comic from the wildly popularGLOOMHAVENgame launches a fantasy world unlike any in existence. Get ready for Quatryll punk bands, drug dealing Inox street gangs, and a dark God sleeping beneath the surface, eager to destroy the world. Welcome to the City!

  • Designed to keep oneself engaged and subsequently encourage
  • Can play with fun and excitementSpecifications
  • Release Date: 12/30/2020
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  • Produced with the highest grade materials