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Your village is overrun with Werewolves. Tourism is the lifeblood of your usually quiet new England burg, so you'll need to eliminate them quickly. Your neighboring villages are doing the same, however, so now it's a race to see which village can get rid of Werewolves the fastest. Silver is a fast, engaging card game that you can learn in minutes. Use your residents' Special abilities and activate your secret weapon... Silver. When you think you have reduced The Werewolf population more than your neighbors, call for a vote; the player with the fewest Werewolves wins!

  • Get rid of the Werewolves in your Village faster than your opponents
  • Every card has a special power
  • Claim the silver amulet and get a bonus the following round
  • The first in a series of silver games - mix and match more decks The second deck: silver bullet coming later in 2019