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Shadows of Brimstone: Scafford Highwaymen Enemy Pack

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Ruthless cutthroats and deadly gunfighters, the Scafford Gang are renowned for being dangerous outlaws, mutated by the black rock. Making their hideouts in the Dark Stone-rich mines around the ruins of Brimstone, the Scafford Gang have been corrupted and twisted by its influence. Of all the gang's members, the Scafford Highwaymen are perhaps the most feared by those traveling the dusty roads and rocky trails through the hills. Cloaked in heavy black dusters that hide their wretchedly mutated forms and wielding powerful shotguns to brutal effect at close quarters, the Highwaymen descend from the cliffs to overtake stagecoaches and trains, leaving a gruesome trail of destruction in their wake!

This Enemy Pack contains everything you need to fend off raids by the ruthless and heavily-mutated Scafford Highwaymen. Included are 6 Scafford Highwaymen models, the large Enemy Record Sheet for them, and all of the Threat Cards needed to add them to your games of Shadows of Brimstone.