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Q-Workshop Orc Beige & Black Basic Dice Bag

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Orc beige & black basic dice bag! This is the Totemic bag designed not for bones of ancestors but suited for more frivolous activities like roleplaying games. It's dedicated to the elite of orc’s kind. Not all Orcs are morons and many of them know sophisticated words like primal green ichor heritage, hemorrhaging to the last drop of blood in fight and intransigence in face of enemy is struggles and taunts. So, be Brave like a real green-skin and hide your lucky dice in this bag. This is a basic, but a very durable beige model of our dice bags from Orc series, with only black print. Basic dice bags are a budget option suggested for beginners. Made of thinner fabric and with the string on one side only.

  • Capacity: 35 and more dice