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Q-Workshop Forest Fullprint Dice Bag

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Forest full print dice bag!! A dice bag full printed in Ivy leaves is one of its kind in our offer. You're dealing with the most modern product of this sort because the pattern of the thick pure cotton is designed in Q Workshop and printed for us only. It suits all our range of dice and holds easily three sets plus some other small tokens, lucky charms and talismans needed in your game. The floral motif looks great and is so detailed, that the bag full of dice look like finding from the ancient place in the deep wood, where all is covered with leaves. These leaves are similar to that on our most beautiful forest sets. If you combine both, the power of ancient wood Shepherds will be yours and Sylvan mysteries will be clear for you. This is the dice bag for all nature Order’s friends, that respect power of ancient wood and believe in evergreen forces of mother earth. We must also mention that this is a very safe bag because two strings hold firmly All that you put inside.

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