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Q-Workshop Dragonhide Laminated Dice Cup

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This cup has been hand-crafted from the thick dragonhide of a very rare Dragon. The hide was laminated with modern technology to preserve creatures' Natural capabilities. This way the resistance to magic andbulletproofnessare carried to the item. All modern magic practitioners are sure to find many uses for it and make another step in future of magic with real xxi century technology.

  • Secure your dice! - our dice cup is specifically designed to keep your dice safe in any circumstances. It has been tested with three full sets of dice and all of them fit perfectly!
  • Handmade of real leather - each cup and lid is hand made of real leather laminated with dragonhide print. The separate parts are sewn together with durable string in matching color.
  • Sophisticated design - the leather imprint on real leather is laminated and resembles black snake skin of ancient wyrm.
  • Unique - the dice cup you receive might vary slightly in print, Dimensions, colors and leather thickness due to the nature of the product being 100% handmade from real leather.
  • Q Workshop accessories are manufactured in Poland, European Union.