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Purple, Orange Clear Dice Set

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This translucent clear W/ Purple and orange 7-set of Dice comes with the traditional set of 7 dice used for role playing games, including (1) D4, (1) D6, (1) D8, (1) D10, (1) D percentile, (1) D12, and (1) D20. The 3 colors look incredible when you roll and the colors actually pop a little against the light. This set also includes an additional, free cloudy black D20 to facilitate advantage/disadvantage in D&D. The extra D20 is made of acrylic material.

  • Each set of Dice is packaged in a premium plastic tube.
  • The Tube is 6.4" High and 1" In diameter.
  • A screwcap opens and closes the tube.
  • The Tube is a great vehicle to carry your dice to your next gaming night.