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Professor Evil and The Architects of Mag

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This expansion requires the base game Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time. It comes with new mechanics and two new characters: Morgane Cardini and Lloyd Right with unique abilities. You’re free to combine Morgane and Lloyd’s talents with those of your favourite characters in any way you wish, and then once again do battle with Professor Evil. In Professor Evil and the Architects of Magic, Professor Evil has developed a new artifact to keep stealing treasures from all around the world: a time portal device. To counter this new threat, move around the castle, turn the professor’s actions to your advantage, steal his precious possessions and use them against him to complete your mission!

  • New mechanics and two new characters coming with their own abilities.
  • Extend your experience in the castle of Professor Evil and beat him once again!
  • Steam punk fans love these new stunning illustrations.
  • Easy to learn game but new mechanics to keep the adrenaline going!