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PlaidHat PH2701 Guardians: Uprising Hero Pack, Various

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New heroes emerge to fight for the future in the first Guardians hero pack, Uprising! Expand your collection with four new and unique heroes, each with their own distinct set of cards and abilities. Chamber is a Daredevil pilot with a robotic arm capable of transforming into a powerful energy cannon. Nightshade uses her biotech abilities to control plantlife to Tangle up her enemies. Pandora uses her advanced weaponry to reshape time itself in order to prevent a dark future. Finally, the mysterious atrivoxx keeps his motives hidden as he bends The ethereal void energy to dispatch his enemies. Each hero includes a full power deck and ultimate card, which can be added to your collection right away and drafted into new Guardians decks. Additionally, these new heroes are the first to use the powerful blast damage ability, which can deal damage to multiple enemy heroes at once! The fight is just getting started in Guardians hero pack - Uprising!

  • "Four new and unique heroes to add to your Guardians collection!" "Each hero includes a full power deck as well as a new ultimate card" Introduces the new and powerful blast damage ability