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Nightmare Forest: Udder Terror Board Games

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While seeking to take control of the Nightmare forest, two of the alien factions have decided to have a competition at a nearby dairy farm to see who can abduct more of these tasty cow creatures. Objective: players are trying to collect the most cows from the pasture, which is made up of cards indicating how many cows are in each space. Players take turns peaking at the cards to determine where the most cows are hiding, deviously moving the cows around, and strategically placing their tractor beam cards along their 2 sides of the pasture. Once all the tractor beams are in place, players compare the power value of the beams that Intersect on each cow. The player with the higher total power value pulls that cow into their ship. The player who collects the most cows is the winner.

  • For 2 players
  • 5-10 minute playing time
  • They are here for the cows