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Mistborn Complete Dice Set

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Style:Allomancy Dice Set

20 silver premium acrylic dice, each featuring a different Allomantic symbol from the classic Mistborn era on the 6 face.

  • Officially licensed Mistborn game accessory. Perfect for any game that uses six-sided dice!
  • Three different dice sets avaialble: Classic Era Allomancy, Alloy of Law, and Feruchemy
  • 20 unique dice in each set! Every die has a different symbol on the 6 face.
  • Every metal is included: the physical metals (Pewter, Tin, Iron, and Steel), the mental metals (Copper, Bronze, Zinc, and Brass), the enhancement metals (Aluminum, Duralumin, Chromium, and Nicrosil), the temporal metals (Gold, Electrum, Cadmium, and Bendalloy), and the amazing god metals (Atium, Malatium, Lerasium, and Harmonium).
  • The perfect gift for fans of Brandon Sanderson, the Mistborn novels, and the Mistborn Adventure Game. For players of the Mistborn Adventure Game, this set makes your rolls that much easier, identifying Nudges and keeping you focused on the action at hand. For fans of the Mistborn novels, these dice are a great way to show your love of Brandon Sanderson’s series in your home and at every game you play.