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Lovelace & Babbage

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Race to Program the World’s First Computer! In Lovelace & Babbage, players “program” the world’s first computer, the Analytical Engine, to help famous Patrons solve challenging problems. Compete against your fellow programmers in real time; develop your Subroutines and upgrade the shared computer; receive Influence from Patrons in five areas of society; balance speed, care, and clever maneuvers to win!

  • FAMOUS SCIENTISTS -  Play as a pioneer of early computing, like Ada Lovelace or Charles Babbage, to build a program that solves problems for famous patrons like Charles Darwin, Mary Shelley, and more!
  • HIGHLY STRATEGIC - A fast-paced programming game where you must balance quick mental math with efficient planning. Will you pressure your opponents by flipping the timer or wait until the last second?
  • HISTORY OF SCIENCE - Build the world’s first computer in this cyberpunk-feeling math game, running logical code to make your computer program impress famous figures from across science history!
  • WHO CAN PLAY - Perfect for your game group: history enthusiasts, computer programmers, and strategy gamers all love playing this geeky technology game; and it makes a great birthday surprise!
  • ENGAGING GAMEPLAY - Fans of programming games, real-time strategy, set collection, and mental math will have a blast playing Lovelace & Babbage! 2-4 players, 15-30 minute playing time, ages 14 and up.