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Lord of the Rings LCG: The Dunland Trap

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Is it possible to turn the Dark Lord's foul arts against him? The Dunland Trap is the first chapter in The Ring-maker cycle of Adventure Packs for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Some of Middle-earth's greatest heroes aid Saruman the White to continue the work that he began in The Voice of Isengard expansion. As they seek to win a rare victory for the forces of good and their struggle against the Shadow of Mordor, the heroes must face new perils, including the threat posed by angry bands of militant Dunlendings! The Dunland Trap features a combat-heavy new scenario, in which your heroes must battle their way to freedom against waves of ferocious Dunlendings. Additionally, among its sixty cards, you'll find a new Silvan hero and three copies of each player card, many of which introduce greater shape and surprises to the Silvan trait. The Dunland Trap also provides more support for the Mount trait, as well as the Time X and Doomed X mechanics featured in The Voice of Isengard. Players will also discover thematic ties to Saruman and the White Council.

  • The first Adventure Pack in The Ring-maker cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
  • Middle-earth's heroes undertake a vital mission to aid the head of the White Council
  • Introduces the hero Celeborn and support for the Silvan trait
  • Further expands the Time X and Doomed X mechanics from The Voice of Isengard
  • Requires a copy of The Lord of the Rings LCG Core Set and The Voice of Isengard