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Lord of the Rings LCG: Beneath the Sands

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Beneath the Sands is the third Adventure Pack in the Haradrim cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, the popular cooperative LCG. As several of Middle-earth’s greatest heroes continue along a perilous journey through hostile lands, they must pause to rescue their friends from a nest of giant desert spiders. While your adventure may sometimes take you off-track, the pack’s new Gondor hero and twenty-seven player cards (three copies each of nine different cards) introduce the new Scoutkeyword and a new side quest to help you find the way or forge your own.

  • The third adventure pack in the haradrim Cycle for the cooperative the Lord of the Rings LCD
  • Challenges Middle-earth's heroes to rescue their friends from an underground nest of spiders
  • Introduces new mechanics for losing and finding your way through a maze
  • A new hero and player cards permit new decks built around the Scout and Ranger traits
  • Further emphasizes the cycle's development of side quests and trait-focused cards