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Legendary A Marvel Deck Building Deadpool Expansion Board Game

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Hi there I'm Deadpool, assassin extraordinaire, famous person and overall handsome fellow. If you don't play legendary, then you and I are going to have some words. So Here's the deal, take this cute little box over to the counter, have the nice game store attendant put your money into the register and take Me home for a night of legendary and Chimichanga!.

  • Deadpool has hit the mainstream! now he will bring his charming personality, as well as a few friends, to the legendary universe!
  • 5 new heroes! 2 new villain groups! 2 new masterminds! 4 new Schemes!
  • Players can work both with and against other players to defeat the various the evil against Deadpool!
  • All cards contain original art!
  • Requires the Marvel legendary core set to play