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Killer Bunnies Odyssey Energy Expeansion Deck C

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The Bunnies of Earth need you. This popular, zany and hilarious game invites you to populate Planet Earth. Players gain points by developing their own civilizations or by using wacky weapons and uproarious scenarios to destroy their opponents. In the Cool Psychic Penguins Expansion decks, KB Odyssey players can now add from a pool of 30 new cards to construct their own deck. Just like all Killer Bunnies games, these boosters don’t just add extra duplicate cards, they introduce new mechanics and bring out unique aspects of gameplay. With the introduction of the penguins to the game, new powers are unlocked for any players choosing to add these to their arsenal. There is no need to follow any color order, so you can mix your favorite expansion cards into your own customized card deck for new, unique play. For 2 or More Players, Ages 13 to Adult.

  • Energy Booster
  • 30 large cards and instructions
  • Madcap adventure