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Keymaster Games Campy Creatures Expansion 1

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Your need for Mortals has never been greater, but you've got four new creatures to do your bidding, but watch out! The Mortals are starting to stir. An Instigator has gathered an Angry Mob! Make sure they attack your fellow scientist instead of you. Campy Creatures Expansion 1 adds four new creature sets, a new mortal set, three new locations, and 5 wooden tokens for taking creature powers. All this fits in the Campy Creatures 2nd Edition game box for easy storage. *NOTE* Requires Campy Creatures 2nd Edition. This will not work with Campy Creatures 1st Edition.

  • *More Creatures* expand your army of Campy Creatures with 4 new Creature cards: The Monster, Rogue Robot, Man-Eating Plant, and Taranatula
  • *More Locations and Mortals* be careful your Creatures don't attract the attention of the Angry Mob and Instigator while they explore the Motel, Power Plant, and Dark castle
  • *More ways to play* with Expansion 1, you can further customize every play experience by choosing the creatures, mortals, and location used each game
  • *Fits in the box* no need to clutter your shelves, Expansion 1 fits in the box of your base game
  • Requires the 2nd Edition of Campy Creatures. Will not work with Campy Creatures 1st Edition