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Welcome to the jungle! It’s a great place to live and play, but sometimes the jungle can be a scary place whether you’re the tiniest mouse, the strongest lion, or the biggest elephant. Come join them in their natural habitat with Jungle, a series of ve mini-games that can be enjoyed by two to ten players. Every game uses the same deck of cards and the animal, which shows that each animal is scared of the animal immediately before it: rhinos are scared of elephants, lions are scared of rhinos, and crocodiles are scared of lions. But elephants, the largest and mightiest of the animals, are scared of mice. Each mini-game uses this relationship in a different way for maximum variety. Come take a walk on the wild side and see what wonders await in the jungle!

  • Five mini-games in one convenient package offer vast replay ability
  • Use the same deck of cards and the animal wheel to explore the relationships between the animals
  • Bluff, push your luck, and more with each new mini-game
  • From acclaimed designers Bruno Faidutti and Anja Wrede and inspired by the traditional Chinese game Dou Shou Qi