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IELLO Sticky Chameleons Game

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Product Description

Throw the dice and catch the right insect with your sticky tongue! avoid the wasps and win yummy tokens to win the game! sticky chameleons is a hilarious and engaging kids game in which players are using sticky hands to catch their food. But be quick – you're not the only one wanting to catch that fat yummy insect! .

Set Contains:

8 sticky tongues (including 2 spare)
50 insect tokens
6 wasp tokens
50 yummy tokens
1 insect die
1 colour die
1 illustrated rulebook

  • Cute and family friendly dexterity game that uses unique sticky tongues
  • Fun for children and adults alike
  • Improve matching and dexterity skills by catching the bug that matches the colour and type shown on the dice
  • Sticky tongues are washable and reusable. Includes two spare sticky tongues (just in case! )
  • Suitable for 2 – 6 players aged six and up with a playing time of around 15 minutes