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Harebrained Holdings Golem Arcana Durani The Khans Pyre Board Game

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Three new Golems for your Golem Arcana Army. The Durani: The Khan's Pyre Expansion includes: The Jeweled Harpy, a warsprite that can buffet enemies acrossthe battlefield. The Winged Preserver, a titan that wield an enormous scythe. The Fire Ram, a ranged specialist that rains down Fiery Shrapnel. Also included are three banner stands, three TDI Golem Cards (matching the figures), two double-sided Blessing and Curse tokens, and four new Relic Cards that can be used to augment any Golem army: The Bulwark of Vajra: a portable defensive fortress. Daku's Lens: a gem that temporarily extends a Golem's attacks out to a practically infinite range. The Peridot of Hantra: a gem that temporarily allows any ranged attack to affect an entire cluster of targets. The Idol of Preyas: a portable weapon that can be emplaced on the battlefield. New digital game pieces available in the Golem Arcana app can only be used with these Durani Golems, incenting players to purchase them.

  • Unlocks new options and abilities for your Golem Arcana army
  • New Relic Cards that can be carried into battle by any Golem, giving players new tactical options
  • For 2 Players ages 14 and up
  • Great replay value