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Gimme That!

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Dolphin Hat Games is bringing a little potato counting madness to your party this year Gimme That! is a simple fun and crazy dice party game. Be the first to count to 100 potatoes but watch out, other players are counting too and there`s only one pencil! Players yell `Gimme That!` and steal the big pencil when it`s their turn to count. Big action Mashed Potatoes, High Frys, and Spud Bumps add interactive hilarity to every roll of the die.

  • Gimme That! Is a wild dice rolling family friendly party game.
  • Incredibly easy to learn combined with big action and tension in every game.
  • Everybody loves winning a ’Spud King’ sticker after a hilarious round of Gimme That!
  • Big fun in a highly portable box ready for the classroom, camping trip, or living room game night.
  • Unique mechanics with laugh out loud pencil grabbing antics make for a memorable game.
  • Gimme That! Is Fast, Fun, and Friendly just like our smash hit game Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.
  • Our Spud King character lends a nostalgic appeal to the board game isle that harkens back to a classic age of family games.