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Tiny Epic Defenders The Dark War Expansion

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  • Expansion to tiny epic Defenders; the dark War is an exciting 3D environment expansion pack for tiny epic Defenders with new heroic characters, foes, dire enemies, and artifacts that add tremendous fun to one of the best board games available
  • More exciting play modes and challenges; additional modes of play, including campaign mode that adds the ability for heroes to gain skills through experience points, rescuing caravans of villagers, advanced regions as well as fight enemy Generals
  • Multi-game gauntlet challenge; campaign mode plays like an evolving gauntlet challenge, players play the game multiple times facing Generals at intervals instead of the regular epic foe; abilities and threats are unique and evolving for each campaign
  • Team cooperation game; like the original tiny epic Defenders this adds to the exciting fantasy cooperative defense board game, players age 14 and up working together to become heroes and defeat an epic foe; you succeed or die as a team
  • Requires tiny epic Defenders; the dark War is an expansion pack and requires tiny epic Defenders 2nd edition; a cooperative board game for up to 4 players; however just as challenging with 1; fun family and friends board game or solo game play