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Gamegenic Deck Box: Watchtower Convertible Green (100ct)

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"Your game is on my watch.“ – The convertible Watchtower combines deck box, accessories drawer and card holder in one elegant box. The card holder can keep up to 100 doublesleeved cards, protected by soft inner microfiber lining. The accessories drawer is perfect to house dice, tokens and other small items. INNOVATION: the Watchtower’s card holder can be flipped and works as a perfect card stack holder. This keeps your deck in perfect shape at the table and makes drawing cards even better.

  • Full flexibility: Use your box the way you like the most! With the small flap on top or at the bottom. Allowing 2 diªerent side shapes!
  • Flaps can be detached and clipped to the back side. Completely removable flaps. Allows Mix & Match customization
  • The unique design allows the drawer to be used on top or at the bottom
  • Loaded cards are orientated to the front, so your deck is visible right away