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Frank's Zoo Card Game

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The two hedgehogs won! You ask, "How could that happen?" It all started with a stately lion, who was chased away by an elephant. The single elephant naturally yields to a pair of elephants. Then two mice came along and scared the elephants away. Finally, the two hedgehogs came and bested the mice. A pair of foxes could have won, but they stayed away and left the victory to the hedgehogs. If you are not yet a believer, play and see for yourself! Players: 2-7 Ages: 10 and up Playing Time: 60 minutes

  • Spiel des Jahres, Nominee - 2000
  • Games Magazine GAMES 100, Family Cards Honoree - 2001
  • Age 10 and up; 4 to 7 players; 60-70 minutes
  • 60 animal cards, 1 rules guide