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FoxMind The Potion Bluffing Dice Game

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Each alchemist starts with the same basic ingredients; 2 rare mushrooms, 2 secret liquid vials and 2 poisonous beetles. In a match of wit and bluff, they compete to get rid of their ingredients and control the final potion. Closely watching each other’s move and expression, will you prevail in this unique and original game of deception? Object of the game: be the first player left with only one type of ingredient in their possession. A player will roll the dice to determine the ingredients players will be bidding on. Players secretly choose one ingredient from their palm and place it in their other hand. Once all players have made their choice, everyone reveals their selected ingredient. Players who meet the winning conditions set by the dice may discard their ingredient and place it into the bottle. If a player has revealed an ingredient that does not appear on the face of any die, and none of the ingredients revealed by the other players meet a winning condition, that player discards their ingredient into the bottle. For 3-7 players ages 8 and up. Playing time: 10 minutes.

  • A Game for Wizards and alchemists: players compete to get rid of their ingredients and control The Potion! Work with other players to match the dice's result, or bet on the failure of your adversaries...
  • A fast-paced bluffing dice Game: watch your opponents' Moves and outwit them, all in a matter of minutes! Play as many 10-minute rounds of the Potion as needed to decide who is the best magician!
  • Game in a bottle: highly portable 2-7 players party Game! Comes in a light plastic bottle that also acts as a component of the Game. Players will put their ingredients in the bottle as the Game advances. Travel anywhere with the Potion in your pocket!