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Final Race Dice Set: Engine Roar

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Ready, set, go! The Final Race starts now! This dice set tells a story of a future where there are no laws nor rules, only guidelines. Use these 7 polyhedrons to win fairly or push others off the road The various post-apocalyptic markings on the dice faces tell you one thing: there is nothing but the race! With their background being fiery red and paintings black, you cannot lose!

  • Q WORKSHOP presents the Final Race Dice Set: Engine Roar.
  • The set consists of 7 polyhedral dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D00 (percentile)
  • The color theme for this set is a red background with paintings in black color.
  • The engravings on these dice present post-apocalyptic signs and markings coupled with immersive digits.
  • The Final Race Dice Set: Engine Roar is produced in Poland, EU.