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Fantasy Flight Games World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game

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Legends Forged DailyWorld of Warcraft: the Adventure Game is an exciting and fast-paced journey through the world of Azeroth for 2 to 4 players. Choose your favorite hero and embark on an epic journey from humble beginnings to immense power, battling vicious monsters, powerful overlords, and your treacherous fellow players! Will you be the mightiest hero in all the land?World of Warcraft: the Adventure Game includes: •1 Rulebook•1 Game Board•4 Plastic Figures•108 Bridge-sized Cards, including:•16 Character Cards (four per character)•92 Ability Cards (four decks of 23)•224 Small Cards, including:•18 Starting Quest Cards•30 Elite Quest Cards•16 Trophy Cards•160 Challenge Cards (four decks of 40)•1 Blue Movement Die•2 Combat Dice (one red and one black)•4 Challenge Deck Organizers•106 Cardboard Tokens, including:•10 Encounter Markers•20 Discovery Markers•32 Damage Tokens•4 Bag Tokens•4 Quest Log Tokens•36 Character Tokens (nine per character)

  • Based on the wildly popular online game World of Warcraft
  • A fast-paced journey through the world of Azeroth
  • Age: 12 +
  • Number of Players: 2 - 4
  • Playing Time: 90 - 120 min