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Fantasy Flight Games Marvel LCG: The Green Goblin

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Continue your adventures in the Marvel Universe with The Green Goblin Scenario Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game! This 78-card pack introduces two new scenarios showcasing the devious Norman Osborn and his sadistic persona, the Green Goblin. Additionally, look for four modular encounter sets to make every battle against the Green Goblin unique! Can you stop the devious businessman from developing terrifying weapons, or stop the Green Goblin’s army from taking over New York?

  • The first Scenario Pack for Marvel Champions
  • Two new scenarios introduce new ways to play Marvel Champions: The Card Game
  • Four modular encounters ensure every battle against the Green Goblin is unique
  • The Green Goblin introduces unique mechanics to Marvel Champions, presenting a fight unlike any other!
  • Number Of Players: 1 To 4