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Epic PvP Fantasy Base Set

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Product Description

Which character do you want to battle with? maybe something classic like the human paladin or perhaps something more off-the-wall like the Goblin druid? each class/race combo creates a unique character with powerful attacks and unique special abilities. There is so much to discover in epic pvp: fantasy that it’ll have you coming back time and time again! pick up epic pvp: fantasy today and join the fight!

Set Contains:

1 x Alderac Entertainment ALD06201 Epic PvP: Fantasy

  • Designed by veteran game designers Luke peter schmidt and Ryan Miller
  • 4 classes and 4 races decks, each with 20 cards and a player board, ready to be combined for you to create your character.
  • - ideal for game night, whether at home, in a coffee shop or with your group of ruthless gamer friends.
  • For 2 to 4 players, ages 14+
  • Plays in 15 minutes.