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Dueling Llamas the game

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The first llama/person who gets five llamas in their herd wins! You and your fellow Llama Ranchers are battling it out to see who can get five llamas from the Yellow Herd Cards first! Use cash to purchase llamas and add them to your herd, or Action Cards to steal llamas from other players' herds! It's great for Ages 8 and up, and for 2-6 players. But watch out for Ninja Llama! (Good advice in this game and in real life!) Players can use Red Action Cards to disrupt your path to victory by deploying Ninja Llamas, or by forcing you to Feed, Groom and Pet other Llamas in exchange for cash. Not happy with the cards in your hand? Just play a Llama Swap and everyone passes their hand to the left! Sayonara llamas! Want to cause some drama? Play Drama Llama and choose an opponent to lose their next turn. But don't worry! Super Hero Llama can come to your rescue, saving your llamas from being stolen. Or Karate Llama will kick that Ninja Llama to the fence, blocking any action brought against your humble Llama Ranch! But there is one more llama to watch out for... If you want to take a chance at winning ,or are desperate to stop one of your fellow ranchers, then it's time for a Duel! Call out an opponent with the Cowboy Llama and duel, rock, paper, scissors style! Basically this is a quick, fun card game that combines strategy and luck. Multiple llamas with unique skills allow you to gather llamas to your collection and prevent your opponents from doing the same. The game goes fast, but you will want to play multiple times!

  • A strategic game of llama ranchers battling it out to be first to gather five llamas to their herd.
  • A fast, simple card game for kids and adults! Perfect for all occasions: family game night, road trips, or couples nights!
  • Beginner friendly game that takes just five minutes to learn and fifteen minutes to play.
  • Playing card deck includes 104 cards filled with unique llama characters.
  • Perfect for a fun gift or a game night with friends and is great for both children and adults. v