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Dice Tower: Catan: Hexatower Red

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Available in Different colors, Choose Between:

✔️ Red
✔️ Yellow

Product Features:

- Made from High Quality and Premium Materials. It features an innovative Nexofyber surface and a soft silver fabric lining.
- With its 2 in 1 feature, you can use this as a Dice Box for Storage and a Dice Tower or Dice Roller when you play Catan Board Game with your family and friends.
- It features a removable closing flap that you convert into a dice stopper.
- It also has 2 inner ramps that can roll dice steadily and fairly. No cheating with your opponent thanks to this wonderful tool!
- The Premium Inner material provides a pleasant dice rolling sound and is so comfortable to touch.
- The overall design is a Hexagonal shaped Box that is perfect to store your dice for games and rpg board games.
- The outside design features Catan Logo and has powerful magnets for a precise and secure self closing seal.
- Very compact and elegant design that you can carry to your friends house for a game night and many more.
- Great gift idea for Board Games masters out there, especially Catan fans, this is a great 2in1 tool that would be an amazing addition to your growing Board Game Collection.
- No need to spend a lot when you can use this as a dice holder and also Dice Tower in one elegant Hexagon Box.

  • 🎲 2 IN 1 USE - This Premium Catan Hexatower is perfect to use as a Dice Holder and Dice Tower in one. This Hexagonal Shaped Dice Box comes in colors Red and Yellow. (DICE NOT INCLUDED).
  • 👍 PREMIUM SLEEK DESIGN - The Catan Hexa Tower features an innovative Nexofyber surface and a soft, silver fabric inner lining. Made from High Quality premium materials that ensures comfortable touch-and-feel experience and dice rolling is enhanced by a pleasant sound. It has powerful magnets for a precise and secure self-closing seal.
  • 👍 CONVERTIBLE - Can be used to store your Dice for your Catan Board Game or other RPG Board Games. It has a removable closing flap that converts into a dice stopper. When converted to a Dice tower it features 2 inner ramps that helps roll the dice steadily.
  • 👍 COMPACT - The outer design features elegantly hot stamped Catan Logo and can be converted easily in just seconds. With its compact built you can take these anywhere you go. Perfect for on-the-go playing with your family and friends plus it's a perfect dice box storage!
  • 👍 GREAT GIFT IDEA - For Catan or RPG Board Games fans out there, this Catan Hexatower is the perfect gift idea to add to their Board Games collection.