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DC Deck-Building Game: Crisis Expansion Pack 3

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  • THE DC UNIVERSE IS IN PERIL… AGAIN!: In DC Deck-Building Game: Crisis Expansion Pack 3, you will face some of the most epic challenges, events, and destructive forces in the history of comic-dom, including 14 “Impossible Mode” Crime Syndicate Super-Villains to battle against and Crisis versions of EIGHT oversized characters like Lex Luthor, Sinestro, and Bane.
  • 2 MODES OF CO-OPERATIVE PLAY: This Crisis Pack features two unique modes of cooperative play: "Completely Cooperative" mode, where players all work together to overcome challenges and foes, or “Hidden Objective” mode, never before seen in a deck-building game! In this mode, players are still working together, but everyone has their own definition of what a “win” really is. One player may even be secretly working against the rest of the team!
  • NOT A STANDALONE GAME: To play, you need a DC Deck-Building Game base game: the original DC Deck-Building Game, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, Teen Titans, Rivals — Batman vs. The Joker, Rivals — Green Lantern vs. Sinestro, Confrontations, Rebirth, or Dark Nights: Metal.
  • INSIDE THE GAME BOX: Inside the Crisis Pack, you'll find six all-new playable oversized characters and dozens of new cards for the main deck or competitive players. Truly something for everyone! Includes 56 Game Cards, 14 Oversized Super Hero Cards, 1 Token Sheet, and Rules.
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