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Daily Magic Games Sunrise City: Nights!

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Sunrise City: Nights, is the first full expansion for Sunrise City. The expansion introduces night-life and casino flavor to the base game and adds all-new mechanics as well! This expansion includes 16 new Role Cards, giving you more customizable player powers and more options for bending the rules to your advantage. Two new maple Roles have a familiar feel but their ability to roam through the city gives you new options to block your opponents. Nights also introduces two new game systems to enhance the game and add a casino-feel to your city-building adventure: One Zone building tiles and the Fortune die!.

  • Two new maple roles, one zone building tiles, and a fortune die
  • For 2 to 4 players, ages 13 & up
  • Plays in 45 min
  • Not a standalone game, requires base game