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10 Minute Heist The Wizard's Tower Game

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In 10 Minute Heist: The Wizard's Tower, you and your fellow thieves steal as much loot as possible! The Wizard has many items for you to collect - you'll be rewarded for nabbing the most of different sets. But be careful; some items are cursed, and they could lower your standing in the thieveing world! Assemble the tower from the two decks of treasure cards, add on the starting Balcony Tile and the ending Bridge Tile, then gather all the theives on the highest floor to start your robbery run. There's only one simple rule: Take anything you like on your current floor and move down to the lower floors as slow or as fast as you like - but you can never return to the upper floors. The first two thieves out of the tower earn a bonus, and then you all gather in the hideout to compare your stolen loot, fret over your cursed treasures, and vie for bragging rights as the best thief in the land.

  • Takes just 10 minutes to play a round
  • Steal all manner of magical items, avoid Curses and come out on top
  • Gather up sets and earn bonuses
  • Endless card combos for maximum replayability
  • For 2-5 players, ages 8 & up, plays in 10 minutes