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Daemon Dice Booster: Fire

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Each Daemon Dice Booster provides a new breed of fiendish gladiators to send into the Infernal Arena. New Purebreed abilities can change the tide of battle. Any breeds can be combined to create new combinations to ensure your minion is the last one standing (or at least squirming).

Fire daemon (red plastic/yellow ink): When fighting against fire, a slight graze can burn and scorch your flesh! Each turn, one stun damage from an undefended attack from a fire daemon's body part becomes a wound instead.

Each Daemon Dice Booster pack contains a random assortment of 13 18mm 6-sided dice of one breed of daemon (the breed is indicated on the sticker on the front of the box). Collect more boosters from a single breed to enhance the power of those daemons, or combine different booster packs to create hellish new varieties to send into the arena to fight for you.