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Cool Mini or Not Arcadia Quest: McHammer Expansion

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CMNAQ007 McHammer Arcadia Quest Expansion Cool Mini Or Not

Every year at the McHighland McGames, the McClans of the McNorthlands send their mightiest warriors to compete for the title of McGrand McHigh McHammer (which is really a mouthful). And for the last six years running, the same McClan has held the title. Now, their champion has ventured south to Arcadia and enlisted his mighty hammer in the cause of McRight and McJustice! (Seriously, that is exactly how his press release reads) Accents notwithstanding, the McGrand McHammer is a berserking whirlwind on the battlefield. The more enemies, the better!

Contains: One plastic model.

  • McHammer Arcadia Quest Expansion Cool Mini Or Not
  • Contains: One plastic model.
  • Miniatures are unpainted