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Coffin Full of Zombies, The Death-Defying Dexterity Game, New 2021 Gamewright

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Coffin Full of Zombies - Part of the *NEW 2021* Game Line-up by Gamewright! Connect the corpses! A game of death-defying dexterity in which players compete to see if they have the braaaiiiins to connect a series of zombies, arm-in-arm to form the longest chain of ghastly ghouls. Coffin Full of Zombies is Excellent for Ages 3 years + and makes a great addition to Family or Friend Game Night. This Apoctolyptic Spin on the Classic Animal Themed Game Offers Loads of Laughter and Fun While Helping to Build on Core Learning and Developmental Skill Sets that Our Young Ones Need! Excellent Gross and Fine Motor, Social and Emotional Skill Building. Families Have Enjoyed Challenging Themselves and Friends with the Figurine Chain Linking Game for Decades - It's Time to Put a Fun and Gorey Twist on it and Amp up the Classic Dexterity Game with Colorfuly Addicting Fun! Excellent Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Teen and Adult Game! Do you have the skills? The Coordination? The BRAAAIIIINS? It's Time to Find Out!

  • Coffin Full of Zombies - An Apocalyptic Spin on the Classic Chain Linking Pick-Up Game!
  • A Game of Death-Defying Dexterity - Connect the Series of Zombies, Arm-in-Arm to Form The Longest Chain of Ghastly Ghouls!
  • Excellent Game for Families and Individuals of All Ages, 3 years +, Pre-School and Adult!
  • Helps Build Vital Gross and Fine Motor Skills as well as Social and Emotional Learning!
  • New 2021 - Proudly Brought to you by Gamewright!