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CMON Zombicide: Angry Zombies - Box of Zombies

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Even a zombie is entitled to a bad day every once in a while. With the Zombicide Angry Zombies box, the Survivors of the plague are going to have a whole new threat level to deal with. Berserker zombies won’t go down with a simple bullet to the head. Players must decapitate them if they want to stop their vicious advance. The Angry Zombies box contains Berserker Walkers, Runners, and Fatties, including some exclusive sculpts not found anywhere else.

  • Going Berserk - Angry Zombies contains all sorts of Berserker zombies. They move fast and can’t be targeted by ranged weapons, so players better get used to some hand-to-teeth combat.
  • Exclusive Sculpts - Included in this expansion box are two unique Walker sculpts and one unique Fatty sculpt not found anywhere else.
  • Join Any Battle - The Angry Zombies box can be used to spice up any Season of Zombicide with speedy, ill-tempered, Berserker zombies.